Xitoring Expands Client Base by Offering Windows Server Monitoring

With its newest application, innovative SaaS company Xitoring now supports Windows Server monitoring, a critical function for businesses that need to catch performance issues and ensure software operations are running smoothly.

The Xitoring application, Xitogent, is installed on users’ servers and sends data to Xitoring. Xitoring uses the data, such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, disk io, network stats, and more, to ensure clients’ systems are operating optimally. Rack Mount

Xitoring Expands Client Base by Offering Windows Server Monitoring

Xitogent is easy to install and use regardless of which version of Windows a company has. To install, users copy and paste the installation command in the server’s PowerShell. After a minute, the server will be registered to a Xitoring account and the user will receive a confirmation email. Xitogent automatically generates graphs, sets up triggers and shows all essential data in the user’s dashboard.

Uptime monitoring, which is critical in order to make sure the software and business are running smoothly, is done from outside servers, so there are no installations or a need to do any configurations on users’ servers. Resolution and interval are less than one minute for all checks and all plans.

By having different collector nodes around the world, Xitoring guarantees the fastest and best detection for incidents on clients’ servers. Xitogent, which is responsible for collecting data from users’ servers, will communicate to the nearest node to a user’s server and the data will be sent to generate graphs and monitor. Clients can be always sure the detection will occur before customers notice any issue with their servers.

Xitoring supports checks for Ping (ICMP), DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, and IMAP. User data is transported on SSL and safely stored on encrypted storage. In addition, Xitogent does not expose users on the internet. Xitogent uses one-way communication with Xitoring servers using HTTPs requests and it is all encrypted. It will not open or forward ports on the host server. With alert management and different notification roles, which Xitoring provides by default, the right person will be alerted for each incident. Time does matter during any incident, so Xitoring notifies the correct technician after each detected incident.

Xitoring was launched more than a year ago by experienced system administrators to provide Linux operating system support for server monitoring.

Xitoring offers an unlimited free plan that supports monitoring of five servers, and plans can be upgraded to add more servers. Uptime monitoring is included in the free plan; users can create 20 Uptime monitoring checks for an unlimited time.

For more information about Xitoring, visit For information about Xitoring’s Xitogent application, visit

About Xitoring Xitoring is an innovative monitoring platform (SaaS) for servers. We bring data from your server using our agent (Xitogent) to make sure your server is doing fine and avoiding downtime and performance issues while increasing your customer’s satisfaction. Our global probing nodes are always monitoring your servers and, as soon as a hiccup is detected, we’ll notify the right contact. We’re continuously working to make our software better and provide incredible features in the future. The company was introduced in 2021 to revolutionize the server monitoring industry for those who are tired of traditional ways and looking forward to automation.

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Xitoring Expands Client Base by Offering Windows Server Monitoring

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